Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy 24th Birthday Robbie!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fiber Fun

I played with more fiber today. I drum carted some more fiber that I had set aside. One was a green, blue, and white braid that I blended a baby-cake and some silk. The second batch was two different oranges that I blended with two baby-cakes. I have plans to weave this one with a red or brown (I have no idea what I will weave it into and well I guess I need to learn to weave first!)

I had a lot of fun drum carding today and my supervisor said I did a good job.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Drum Carding

Unfortunately due to work I missed the last RI Spinning Guild meeting. During the meeting they learned how to drum card. Since I was unable to attend Sarah borrowed the drum carder to show me how to do it. I went right to work with some pink and green fiber I had. I added in a baby cake from loop for just a touch of sparkle! As soon as I finished drum carding I HAD to spin it because it was so beautiful.

Oh and did I mention I was spinning on my exercise ball and Shamus wanted to snuggle? So yes, I was spinning on the ball and snuggling all at once!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Back

I know it has been quite a while since I last posted. I feel like sometimes life gets so busy there just isn't any time. I have been crafting a little bit lately. I started the acer sweater with the leftover yarn that Sarah had from making hers. Unfortunately, either my gauge was off or I can't measure, but it is too small and I have to rip it out. The body was a little more than half done. I am not sure that I have the ambition to re-knit it right now, so I have just left it for the moment.

I have been working on a knit one purl one scarf. I LOVE the way it is coming out and it is so easy and relaxing to make, especially after the sweater issue. I am making it a super long scarf to wrap a couple of times. The yarn is Plymouth Boku in color way 5 (pinks and purples) and 60 (browns).

I have also been spinning a little bit. I recenty finished spinning up a pink butterfly loop bat. It is one of my favorites and is going to be a yolk of a sweater. I have now started to spin the brown coopworth for the body of the sweater. I have also started taking a resistaball class at the YMCA. It is a great class, but when I get home I feel like I can't even move. I have started to practice at home in hopes that I stop falling off the ball and the other day I even did some spinning on the ball!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fingerless Gloves

I recently went to coffee with my good friend Sara and I noticed that her fingerless gloves were a mess. When I mentioned to her that I could make her a new pair she looked at me in disbelief. The next day I ran off to the store and picked out some dark gray yarn. I picked the pattern Evangeline and whipped right through them. They were my first pair of fingerless gloves and I am quite proud of how they came out. I think I will make myself a pair.... eventually.

Shamus the puppy is enjoying life and making lots of new friends. Here he is with his cousin (my sister's dog) Murphy:

And here he is with his new friend Emma:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

La-La-Love-You Cowl

This past summer I learned how to dye yarn. It was so much fun for me as dying hair is one of my passions, and most people do not want fun colors like pink, purple, and blue. I have to say I went CRAZY with the dying. One of the more tame things I dyed was silver yarn specifically for a cowl for myself. As I was looking through patterns trying to decide which one was right for my cowl the La-La-Love-You Cowl jumped out at me and I knew that was what I had to make!

I have been working a little on Robbie's socks and starting a new project (I will show you a little later), although I have not been doing any spinning lately even though I have a HUGE stash of fiber. Shamus does not think spinning is very fun, maybe in a little while when he calms down a little.

Speaking of Shamus he is a huge wimp about the cold so we had to go get him a sweater. He looks cute and stupid all at the same time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

He Came Over to the Dark Side

A little while back I blogged about how my fiance, Robbie would not wear any hand knit socks and in fact his exact words were "hand knit socks are gay". The words of a 23 year old boy! Well as you all know we recently moved in with my sister Sarah. She has a very cute older house and in the interest of saving money it is chillier here than at our apartment and since said fiance is very skinny he is ALWAYS cold. Shortly after we moved in he asked for a pair of hand knit socks, but not to wear out of the house of course! I have been working on them, but got distracted half way through and have managed to make two different socks, but only one of each.

The one on the left is Guitar Man Socks hand dyed by me this summer and the one on the right is just a plain vanilla sock made out of trekking. I have also been working on nutkin socks for myself and I am very pleased with the way they are turning out.

Here is a bonus picture of the puppy. This is pretty much what he does most of the day. We are enjoying him, but I am getting a little frustrated because he gets so cold and does not want to go potty outside even with his nice warm sweater on! I am sure that he will catch on soon though.